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The low level work platform is an innovative work at height solution, Delta Deck hire available from Surestairs.

The Delta Deck access platform is ideal for those needing flexibility when working at height. The adjustable access platform is suitable for working at heights of 3m and below. The compact dimensions when folded allow for easy transportation and storage. The guardrails are erected automatically to the full and correct height for all theĀ  platform height settings. The 200kg safe working load enables users to work safely with materials and equipment on the Delta Deck access platform.

The Delta Deck can be set up and dismantled quickly and can be easier and safely used by a single operative. The Delta Deck is ideal for site operatives, a single platform which has 5 platform levels from 450mm to 870mm.

For easier, safer multiple working heights, contact Surestairs for UK Delta Deck hire.


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