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Temporary Site Staircase Hire

Temporary site staircase hire from Surestairs keeps sites working despite the current labour shortages in the construction industry.

The Surestairs lightweight aluminium temporary staircase is suitable for use for floor to floor levels between 2.65m and 3.05m. The temporary stairs weigh 24kg and can easily and safely be handled and positioned by a single operative on site. The temporary stairs can be installed quickly and easily and do not require specialist equipment or training to install safely. Labour shortages needn’t be an issue, there’s no need to wait for a carpenter. The aluminium temporary staircase is simply fixed into position, providing safe, easy access between levels as works progress. From delays caused by shortages of wooden staircases to labour shortages, using a temporary staircase allows work on site to continue safely. The lightweight aluminium staircase can easily be moved from plot to plot as needed.

Surestairs hire lightweight aluminium temporary stairs to the construction industry. For temporary site staircase hire with next day delivery, delivered to site, contact Surestairs, the temporary staircase company.

Temporary Site Staircase Hire
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