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The Period of Hire:

1. The period of hire shall commence with the hiree taking possession of the Temporary Staircase and shall terminate when the equipment is returned to the hirer in re-hirable condition.

The date of collection or delivery will be the effective date of the commencement of hire charges. All equipment is subject to a minimum hire period. After the minimum hire period has been reached hire charges are calculated weekly, fractions of a week being charged on a daily basis, the charges for one day being the 7th of the weekly charge. The date of despatch and the date of return shall be whole days.
No allowances will be made for holiday periods or inclement weather or for any reason whatsoever beyond the Suppliers control including strikes, lock-outs, cessation of labour, transport delays, government interference or control of any other cause or contingency. The Supplier may at its sole discretion and subject to availability and at the request of the Customer, add, subtract or substitute to the equipment let on hire without creating a modifying agreement within the meaning of the Consumer Act 1974.
The customer does not have the right to buy the equipment at the end of the hire period. If the hirer agrees to the sale of on-hire equipment, the minimum of three weeks hire fee is chargeable along with the full purchase price of the equipment.

Delivery and Collection:

1. Delivery or collection of the temporary staircase is at the hiree’s expense (paid at time of hire) and the hiree shall be liable for physical loss and damage and delay if this is regarding to incorrect delivery information given by the hiree to Surestairs Ltd at the time of hire.

2.The hiree will provide adequate protection and security for the temporary staircase to mitigate any potential for damage or theft or loss.

3. The hiree (or a known proxy, employee etc) MUST sign for the temporary staircase to accept delivery of the equipment. No liability will be accepted by the hirer for any loss of equipment in the event of the equipment being signed for by another party or if no signature is obtained for the delivery.

4. Upon signature of the hiree the hiree is responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the hiree or any 3rd party.

5. The hire period of the temporary staircase will only end when the temporary staircase is returned in re-hirable condition by our collection agents. When off hired the temporary staircase must be made readily available for our collection agents to collect and not obstructed or locked away or stored an unreasonable distance from the collection vehicle. Any delay in the return of the equipment will incur additional hire charges and if after 3 attempts at collection are made then the full sale price will be applied and no credit will be returned to the hirer.


1. The hiree will satisfy himself on taking possession of all equipment that it is in good working order and in undamaged condition. The hiree’s signature for the delivery will be taken as conclusive evidence that such agreement has been satisfied. Any matters relating to the sub standard condition or working of the equipment must be referred to Temporary Staircase  at the time of delivery as no liability will be accepted after this time.

2. All equipment on hire remains the absolute property of Surestairs Ltd

3. The hiree shall have no authority to transfer or otherwise part with possession of the equipment during the period of hire unless the express written consent of Temporary Staircase is first obtained.

4.In the event that the hiree takes the Temporary Staircase to a different location than the delivery address then consent must first be obtained from Surestairs Ltd as any attempts at collection from original address which result in aborted collection will incur further fees.

5. The temporary staircase is manufactured to the highest standards and is rated above En131 the satandard for site ladders and is rated to 240kg. Any use of the equipment outside of these parameters resulting in structural damage to the Staircase will void the contract and result in payment in full.



If the Temporary Staircase system is ordered as a hire item the full payment of £775.00 plus VAT will be deducted. The hire charges and the delivery and collection are then deducted from the initial payment and upon return of equipment, complete and in re-hirable condition any outstanding monies credited back to the hiree.

E.G: Total payment of £775.00 minus delivery and collection charge of £85.00 per staircase and a minimum of 3 weeks hire at £65.00 a week.

Late Payment:

If you fail to make a payment due to us under the Contract by the due date, then you shall pay interest on the overdue sum from the due date until payment of the overdue sum, whether before or after judgment. Interest under this Clause will accrue each day at 4% a year above the Bank of England’s base rate from time to time, but at 4% a year for any period when that base rate is below 0%.

Loss or Theft:

1.  Should the temporary staircase or any of its components be lost, stolen or damaged the charges will be as follows.

Temporary Staircase Stringer £645.00

Temporary Staircase Handrail (single) £85.00

Temporary Staircase Handrails (Pair) £170.00

Complete System loss £775.00.

All costs are Plus VAT.

Misuse Or Injury:

1. No liability will be accepted for injury or accident, relating to the misuse or incorrect installation of the temporary staircase.

2. No liability will be accepted in the event of incident or accident relating to slips and falls down the staircase. All operators and contractors that use the equipment do so at their own risk.

Incorrect Ordering:

1.  Any orders that are delivered, but then refused and returned unless faulty, will be liable for a re-stocking fee of £100.00 Plus VAT to cover the delivery and collection charges incurred and loss of hire availability.

Temporary Staircase regulations:

This equipment is designed as a temporary staircase only and is no way meant as a permanent staircase or structure.

Temporary Kitewinder Platform:

The timber platform is not included with the temporary kitewinder staircase. A suitable timber platform with a 250kg safe working load must be constructed for use between the two staircases.  Your site safety team must pass the timber platform as safe before use with the temporary kitewinder staircase.



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