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Temporary Stairs Hire only £60 per week

Temporary Staircase are one of the leading suppliers of aluminium temporary stairs in the UK to the building trade and the construction industry.

We provide professional standard temporary stairs which comply with BS EN131 for confidence and safety on site.

Our temporary staircase hire provides EASY, SAFE access between floor levels from the very earliest stages of construction.

Hire Temporary Staircase: Only £60 per week

Delivery and collection: From only £85

Buy Temporary Staircase: Only £595

Temporary Staircase Delivery: Only £35 delivery

Temporary Staircase Hire: Only £60 per week

Temporary Staircase Delivery: From only £85 delivery & collection

Hire temporary stairs

We supply aluminium temporary staircase hire for safer access between floors for new builds under construction and property renovation. The temporary staircase is supplied ready for installation and can be installed and used from the earliest stages of construction.

    Installing a temporary staircase whilst construction is underway prevents damage occurring to the permanent staircase.

    Our temporary stairs provide safer access on site than a traditional ladder and have a safe working load of 250kg. Equipment and materials can be moved safely with the temporary site staircase.

    Our temporary staircase hire service can supply temporary stairs with next day delivery throughout the UK mainland (excluding the Scottish Highlands).

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