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Temporary Access Steps

Aluminium temporary access steps are suitable for heights: 2.75m to 3m

  • Aluminium temporary staircase installs in under 5 minutes.
  • 240kg safe working load.
  • Very easy to store when not in use.
  • Completely aluminium construction meaning will not rust even if stored outside.
  • Aluminium  Temporary Access Steps treads provide excellent grip.
  • Temporary Access Steps exceeds EN131 the European standard for site ladders.
  • 3 piece construction (aluminium temporary staircase stringer and double collapsible handrails)
  • Total weight of Temporary Access Steps is 38kg making it a very manoeuvrable product and lightweight and compact for transportation.
  • Temporary Access Steps stringer dimensions W=650mm (750mm including handrail brackets) L= 3.8m Temporary Staircase handrail dimensions when closed 4m x 200mm

Temporary Access Steps Dimensions

  • Temporary Access Steps Length: 3.8m.
  • Temporary Access Steps Width: Stringer 650mm 750mm including handrail brackets.
  • Temporary Access Steps Weight 26kg
  • Temporary Access Steps Handrails 12kg for pair
  • Temporary Access Steps 240kg Safe Working Load
  • Suitable for heights: 2.75m to 3m


The aluminium temporary staircase has double fixing points located at top of stair suitable for fixings for timber, concrete, metal etc. (fixings not supplied)

Temporary Stair handrails are slotted into handrail brackets and secured by 4 thumbturn screws supplied.

Benefits of Temporary Access Steps

The Aluminium temporary staircase gives access to upper floors or Mezzanine access with a solid secure build quality.

A Temporary Access Steps is the perfect first installation solution to spare an expensive oak staircase from site damage before completion or to replace the unsafe procedure of using ladders for contractors to move between floors.

The Temporary Access Steps case stringer weighs 26kg and the temporary stair collapsible handrails weigh 12kg combined. This makes installation a one man job and also makes the temporary staircase easily transferable to different flights or to other plots within a development.

Our Temporary Access Steps is suited to span ground floor to first floor heights of 2.75m to 3m.

The Temporary Access Steps though lightweight is not compromised in strength and has a safe working load of 240kg far exceeding the EN131 that is the European standard for ladders. The Temporary Access Steps is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.

In the modern era where the health and safety of contractors and public is paramount using a replacement temporary staircase is the only safe solution to use before a permanent staircase is installed.

Our temporary staircase hire provides a safe cost effective solution that closes a weak point in site safety I.E the ascending of ladders laden with tools or materials such as plasterboards etc.

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