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12 Step Temporary Stairs

Scaffold Stairs Hire

Scaffold stairs hire is available from the temporary staircase company, Surestairs, delivering temporary staircases throughout the UK. Surestairs deliver aluminium temporary staircases to UK house builders and construction sites throughout the UK. The lightweight aluminium staircases are BS EN131 compliant…

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Fall Prevention On Site

Self Build Temporary Staircase Hire

Surestairs, the temporary staircase company, have self build temporary staircase hire suitable for UK home extensions and new builds. The temporary staircase is suitable for use in domestic renovations, new builds and home extension projects. A temporary staircase provides safer,…

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Temporary Stairs Hire

Builders Temporary Staircase Hire

Builders temporary staircase hire available from Surestairs, the temporary staircase company. Temporary staircases are available for hire from Surestairs on both short term and long term hire. House builders can use the lightweight aluminium staircase from the very earliest construction…

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