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Site Access Barrier

£845.00 Ex. VAT


This is a 3m manual arm site access barrier

Manual Raise Arm Barriers are used to manually control access to and from construction sites.

They are a simple, economic yet strong way of deterring unauthorised access.

Manual arm barriers also can be used to inhibit access to areas when deliveries are being made as one of many examples. They are a very versatile product which are easy and quick to install. Due to our new and refined solution using Gas Assisted Dampers the use of the barrier is simpler now than ever.

Manual arm barriers can be used consistently during the day without effort and duress on the user. Importantly the barrier is safer and more compliant to Install and operate as we have done away with the old fashioned counterweights.

It has been redesigned with the user in mind. Ergonomic grip handles make it a pleasure to operate. It is a ONE handed movement to use with the assistance from the gas dampers. It is effortlessly locked in the open and close secured with a padlock provided.

A lockable end rest is also supplied with the kit, this can be replaced as an extra with an adjustable height collapsable Pogo tip support.

  • Pedestal, and pole arm weight: 56Kg
  • Pedestal size: 1110mm x 444mm x 300mm
  • Pole size: 94mm x 64mm OVAL

M16 anchor shield bolts included/M12 for End Rest External Padlock
60mm Long Shackle c/w 3 Keys

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