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12 Step Staircase Hire

Nationwide 12 step staircase hire available from Surestairs, the temporary staircase company.

Surestairs supply 12 step lightweight aluminium temporary staircases for hire. Delivering temporary staircases to site, ready for immediate installation and use. The Surestairs lightweight aluminium staircase weighs only 24kg but has a 250kg safe working load. Unlike 12 step staircases manufactured from steel, the Surestairs temporary staircase can easily be handled and fitted securely by a single operative. The Surestairs 12 step temporary staircase is lightweight and easy to handle whilst being durable and robust. Surestairs deliver 12 step staircases to site that can be installed safely by a single operative in minutes, delivered in a single piece. Additional site safety is provided by the additional double guardrails which fit into the sides of the temporary staircase.

A 12 step temporary staircase provides site operatives with safe, quick and easier access between levels on site. The 12 step staircase is suitable for use between floor levels of 2.65m to 3.05m.

For reliable UK 12 step staircase hire contact the temporary staircase company, Surestairs for safer access on site.

12 Step Staircase Hire
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