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6 Step Temporary Staircase Hire

6 step temporary staircase hire is available from Surestairs, delivered to and collected from site.

Surestairs have a wide range of temporary staircases with a variety of steps, suitable for floor to floor, a split mezzanine level access or low level step up. From a 3 step temporary staircase up to a 12 step temporary staircase. Our sturdy temporary staircases are manufactured in the UK. All our temporary stairs are manufactured from long lasting, strong and durable lightweight aluminium. The aluminium temporary staircases are hard wearing, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The lightweight temporary stairs weigh only 24kg and can easily be positioned by a single operative. The temporary stairs have a 250kg safe working limit for safe and easy movement of site personnel, equipment and materials. Each tread has an anti-slip finish and the staircase is supplied with two double guard rails.

A temporary staircase reduces the risk of falls associated with using standard ladders for access. Compared to a traditional ladder, the temporary stairs have a wide anti-slip tread and the additional safety feature of the double guard rails.

For safer, easier and quicker access on site, contact Surestairs for 6 step temporary staircase hire. Keep site personnel safe when working at height with Surestairs.


6 Step Temporary Staircase Hire
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