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7 Step Temporary Staircase

Hire a 7 step temporary staircase from Surestairs, the temporary staircase company.

Surestairs hire temporary staircases to UK house builders. The 7 tread staircase is suitable use with floor to floor heights between 1.55m to 1.95m. Using a temporary staircase provides site operatives with safer, quicker and easier access between levels. A temporary staircase is quick and easy to install giving stable secure access with a 250kg safe working load. The easy to install lightweight aluminium staircase can be installed in just a few minutes by a single operative. The 7 step aluminium staircase weighs 14.5kg and once secured, the handrails simply slot into place. Manufactured in the UK from aluminium, the temporary staircase has an anti-slip tread and is supplied with 2 double handrails. Safer and more secure for site workers than a site ladder, allowing workers to safely walk up the staircase with tools and materials.

For 7 step temporary staircase hire contact Surestairs with delivery to site.


7 Step Temporary Staircase
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