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9 Step Temporary Stair Hire

9 step temporary stair hire is now available from Surestairs.

The Surestairs 9 step temporary staircase is 2.95m long and suitable for use for floor heights between 2.0m and 2.3m. We hire aluminium temporary staircases and can even deliver a temporary staircase the next day. The lightweight aluminium staircase is delivered in one piece, ready for installation. The 9 step temporary staircase can easily and safely be installed by a single person. The 20kg staircase can be positioned and secured by a single operative in just a couple of minutes. Each staircase is supplied with double guardrails which simply slot into the sides of the staircase.

The 9 step staircase has a 250kg safe working load, safely accommodating site operatives, materials and equipment. The treads of the 9 step temporary stairs have anti-slip finish and complies with BS EN131 .

For 9 step temporary stair hire, contact Surestairs for safer access on site, ask us about next day delivery.

9 Tread Temporary Staircase Hire
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