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Access Staircase Hire

Staircase access hire with our aluminium temporary staircases provide construction site workers with safe, easy access between floor levels during construction works.

The access staircases are supplied to site with the addition of handrails to help improve safety. Using a temporary staircase rather than a traditional ladder, reduces the risk of fall from height amongst site personnel and improves site safety. In addition, site personnel have safer and easier access with a 250kg safe working load to carry materials and equipment.

Surestairs supply temporary staircases for the construction industry which are often used in conjunction with our edge protection system for additional safety during construction excavation works.

Our temporary aluminium staircase offers an ideal solution for construction workers working across multiple levels. The temporary staircase is suitable to use between floor levels of 2.65m and 3.05min. A Surestairs temporary staircase makes life on site much safer and easier and are easy to install and remove.

For access staircase hire, hire temporary staircases from the temporary staircase company, Surestairs.

Temporary Stairs Hire
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