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Accident Prevention on Site

Surestairs edging protection and temporary staircase hire can help with accident prevention on site.

A recent HSE case involved a North West construction firm receiving a £160,000 fine after a site worker sustained life changing injuries following an accident on site. The site worker fell through an unprotected gap in a balustrade while refurbishing a house. The contractors were found to have failed to ensure there was adequate protection in place to prevent falls to the lower level. It was found that suitable guard rails or barriers were not in use. The implementation of an edge protection system could have prevented this unfortunate accident from occurring.

Failing to implement safe working practices can result in hefty fines from the HSE and worse, life changing injuries or fatalities. Hiring a protection system such as Surestairs edging protectors help to minimise the risk of serious injury when working at height. The edge protectors can be secured in place quickly and easily to provide a secure guard rail to open stairwells and unguarded open edges. In addition, the Surestairs edge protectors can be used in conjunction with toe boards for enhanced safety on site.

Keep safe on site with Surestairs edge protectors for accident prevention on site.

Accident Prevention On Site
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