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Breach of Working at Height Regulations

Last month, following a breach of working at height regulations, a construction company and one of its director’s has been fined by the HSE following the fall from height by an employee.

The construction worker fell through an open unguarded stairwell. Whilst the risk of falls has been identified by the company, unfortunately, they failed to provide suitable measures to prevent falls. Had the company utilised a fixed edge protection around the edge of the stairwell openings, this accident could have been prevented. Within the construction industry, the number one cause of death or serious injury is falls from height.

Fixed edge protection can be hired from Surestairs to prevent falls through the open, unguarded stairwells. The Surestairs edge protectors are quick and easy to fix in position, providing construction site workers with a safer work environment.

Guarding open stairwells and edges with Surestairs edge protectors can prevent serious accidents on site, HSE investigations and fines. Keep safe on site with Surestairs and prevent a breach of working at height regulations or serious injury with easy to install fixed edge protection.


Stairwell Edge Protector Hire
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