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Fall Prevention on Site

Preventing falls when working at height is a concern for the construction industry. Fall prevention on site reduces the severity and number of incidents.

The latest HSE figures published last week reveal that 50 people lost their lives as a result of a fall from height. Over 45% of work place deaths were due to falls from height. A safe means of access between levels is crucial. Guarding open edges or open stairwells can reduce falls from height and prevent serious injuries or worse.

Surestairs hire temporary staircases to UK house builders. The lightweight aluminium staircases can be used from the very earliest stages of construction. The lightweight staircase has a 250kg safe working load despit only weighing 24kg. This lightweight temporary staircase can be handled and fixed in place quickly and easily by a single operative. Once secured in position, site operatives can safely traverse the stairs to gain access between levels. Each temporary staircase is delivered to site with 2 guardrails for additional safety. Our edge protectors are ideal to use in conjunction with the temporary site stairs.

For fall prevention on site, contact Surestairs for temporary site staircase hire. Stay safe on site with Surestairs, the temporary staircase company.

Fall Prevention On Site
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