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House Renovation Staircase Hire

Surestairs, the temporary staircase company provide house renovation staircase hire.

House renovations can take time, from staircases not being delivered on time to unexpected restrictions or extra works. Surestairs provide lightweight aluminium temporary staircases which are ideal for use during home renovations. Using a temporary staircase during the renovation works prevents damage occurring to the new staircase. A Surestairs temporary staircase can be used from the earliest construction stages for safe and easiest access between floors. Designed for use with floor to floor heights of between 2.65m and 3.05m, the lightweight staircase can be fitted and secured in minutes. The aluminium lightweight temporary staircase complies with BS EN131 and has a 250kg safe working load. Supplied with two guardrails which securely slot into the staircase sides and a safe anti-slip tread, the temporary staircase makes access between the floor levels quicker and safer.

Contact the temporary staircase company, Surestairs, for house renovation staircase hire.

Temporary Stairs Hire
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