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Housebuilders’ Timber Staircase Shortage

The housebuilders timber staircase shortage is causing delays on many sites throughout the UK. Many industries are experiencing difficulties due to long wait times on deliveries or product shortages. The cost of many raw materials has increased. The Temporary Staircase Company have a solution to keep works progressing on site safely during the current timber shortages.

The Temporary Staircase Company hire out aluminium temporary staircases throughout the UK to house builders and businesses. The aluminium temporary staircase can be fitted in minutes, enabling work to continue safely and site operatives to have quick and safe access to upper levels without using site ladders. Our HSE compliant site staircases can be fitted in a couple of minutes by a single operative and removed quickly and easily once the timber staircase has been delivered to site.

Keep working safely during the housebuilders timber staircase shortage with an aluminium temporary staircase from The Temporary Staircase Company. Hire temporary site stairs per week, contact us today for delivery to site.


Housebuilders Timber Staircase Shortage
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