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HSE Compliant Temporary Staircase

HSE compliant temporary staircase hire available from The Temporary Staircase Company for £60 per week.

Hire an aluminium temporary staircase for improved safety on site when working at height. The HSE highlight the dangers of site ladders in their alerts for safe work at height. Hiring an aluminium temporary staircase reduces the risk of injury due to falls from height compared to a conventional site ladder. The temporary site stairs are manufactured in the UK and comply with BS EN131 for safer working at height. Falls from height can result in costly fines and delays. Fitting a temporary staircase provides site operatives with safer and easier access to upper levels and can be used from the earliest stages of construction. Constructed from durable aluminium, the temporary site stairs can easily be set up by a single operative, complying with manual handling regulations.

Hire HSE compliant temporary staircase from The Temporary Staircase Company for safer working at height on site. Site stairs can be delivered and collected straight to and from site, with next working day delivery available.


House Builders Temporary Stairs Hire
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