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Leeds Temporary Staircase Hire

Leeds temporary staircase hire available with delivery to site from Surestairs, UK temporary staircase hire company.

Safer than using standard ladders for access between floors, our lightweight aluminium temporary staircases comply with EN131 and EN12810.

The temporary staircases are simplicity itself to install with no training required. To install the temporary staircase, simply position the staircase and secure in position with screws at top and bottom of the temporary staircase. The temporary staircase is supplied with side handrails which drop into sockets on the side of the staircase and are secured with thumbscrews to complete the installation of the temporary staircase. Installation of the temporary staircase can be completed by one person in just a matter of minutes.

For Leeds temporary staircase hire, contact the temporary staircase hire company, Surestairs. We deliver to and collect from construction sites throughout the UK.

Leeds Temporary Staircase Hire
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