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Loading Bay Staircase

Surestairs now have the 5 step 1.2m loading bay staircase available for hire.

The 1.2m aluminium low level access staircase provides safe and secure access for areas such as loading bays with a 1200mm floor to floor height differential. The low level loading bay stairs are manufactured in the UK from durable aluminium. The lightweight aluminium 1.2m staircase can easily be manoeuvred and secured in position by a single operative. The low level access staircase is secured in position via the top plate and bolted or screwed in place, holding the staircase securely in position.

The 5 step staircase is supplied ready for installation with a double guardrail which slots into position on the staircase outer edge. Each tread of the 5 step staircase has a robust anti-slip finish and has a generous 630mm tread width and a 125mm tread depth with a 206mm rise per tread. The staircase total width with the guardrails in position is 730mm. The 5 step low level access stairs have a 250kg safe working load.

Contact Surestairs for loading bay staircase hire, available now and delivered throughout the UK.

1.2m Temporary Staircase
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