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Self Build Temporary Staircase Hire

Surestairs, the temporary staircase company, have self build temporary staircase hire suitable for UK home extensions and new builds.

The temporary staircase is suitable for use in domestic renovations, new builds and home extension projects. A temporary staircase provides safer, easier and quicker access between levels than using a traditional ladder.

A Surestairs temporary staircase is suitable for use with floor heights between 2.65m and 3.05m. The lightweight aluminium staircase can be used from the earliest stages of construction for safer and easier access between levels as works progress. Weighing only 24kg, the Surestairs temporary stairs have a 250kg safe working load and can be comfortably positioned and secured by a solo user. The temporary staircase is supplied with a double handrail for increased safety and security, the handrails simply slot into the side of the staircase. The each tread of the staircase has an anti-slip surface.

For safer access during home improvements and renovations, contact Surestairs for self build temporary staircase hire.


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