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Short Term Staircase Hire

Short term staircase hire available from The Temporary Staircase Company.  A temporary staircase can be fitted in minutes and removed easily once the permanent staircase is ready to be installed.

If a shortage of timber is delaying the installation of the permanent staircase on site, there is a cost effective time saving solution. Hire an aluminium temporary staircase for only £60 per week and keep working on site. Our temporary staircases can be used from the earliest stages of construction, providing safe and easy access to upper levels. Manufactured from strong aluminium section, the stair treads have an anti-slip tread for improved safety.

The current lack of materials and supply chain difficulties needn’t stop work, contact The Temporary Staircase Company about short term staircase hire. Temporary staircase hire is available for £60 per week.

Short Term Staircase Hire
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