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Site Safety Stairs Hire

Site safety stairs hire can improve site safety and prevent accidents on site when working at height. Surestairs hire temporary aluminium staircases to UK house builders and construction sites.

Falls from height on site can result in serious injuries, impacting not only on the injured worker but also work on site with potentially costly delays. The Surestairs lightweight aluminium temporary staircases can be used on site from the very earliest constriction stages. The 12 tread staircase is suitable for use on a floor to floor range between 2.65m and 3.05m. The lightweight staircase weighs only 24 kgs and can comfortably and safely be installed by a single worker in just minutes. With easy and quick installation, the staircase is delivered in a single piece, ready for installation. The temporary staircase has a generous 250kgs safe working load, easily accommodating site personnel and equipment.

Reliable site safety stairs hire from Surestairs, the temporary staircase company with a next day delivery option. Keep safe on site with Surestairs temporary staircases.

Site Safety Stairs Hire
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