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Staircase delivery delays

Delays and long delivery times may be the new normal for homeowners carrying out renovations but not for one of our temporary staircase customers this month.

Home building works are still continuing in the UK. Works can grind to a standstill waiting for the delivery of a new staircase. This was the unfortunate predicament that we were able to rectify with the quick delivery of an aluminium temporary staircase. Our robust aluminium staircases are usually delivered within 2 working days and are supplied with a double handrail.

The temporary staircase is a practical solution for access during building works, providing easier and safer access as works progress and preventing damage to the permanent staircase as the building works proceed.

If Covid-19 has delayed the delivery of your staircase, hire a temporary staircase for only £50 per week and keep working.

Temporary Staircase Hire
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