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Stairwell Edge Protection Hire

Floor openings and unprotected stairwells cause accidents on sites, these accidents are preventable with stairwell edge protection hire from Surestairs. A fall from an unguarded floor opening or stairwell opening can result in serious injury on site.

Surestairs hire temporary staircases and edge protectors to UK house builders. Edge protectors are delivered to and collected from site, ready for immediate install and use on site. The easy to use edge protectors are a simple but effective safety barrier for openings and open edges. 3 metal posts create the classic “L” shaped protection for a stairwell. The metal upright posts are secured in position with screws through the base plate. Timber is used with the posts to form a secure double guard rail. The Surestairs edge protectors can be safely installed quickly and without specialist tools or tradesmen. The upright posts have a highly visible yellow paint finish, providing a visual and physical protection.

Prevent falls from height with easy to install edge protectors from Surestairs and comply with the Work at Height Regulations 2005. Contact Surestairs for stairwell edge protection hire.

Breach Of Working At Height Regulations
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