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Stairwell Edge Protector Hire

Stairwell edge protector hire is available from Surestairs, the temporary staircase company.

The Surestairs edge protectors prevent falls from height, protecting open stairwells or edges. The edge protection system is easy to install and can easily be installed on site in minutes. The sturdy metal upright posts are installed by simply screwing the base plate to the floor. The double guard rail is quickly achieved with timber lengths. The system doesn’t require specialist skills for installation.  A secure barrier, preventing falls from unprotected opening or stairwells, reduces the risk of injury on site. For enhanced site safety, toe boards can be fixed to the base plate.

The edge protection system is often used with our aluminium temporary staircases and they can be hired together in a bundle.The temporary stairs provide safe, quick easy access, protected by a double guard rail around the stairwell opening.

For safer work at height, protect open stairwells and openings with Surestairs stairwell edge protector hire. We delivery to site and collect from site with next day delivery available.

Stairwell Edge Protector Hire
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