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Temporary Kite Winder Staircase

The temporary kite winder staircase by Surestairs provides safe access between levels when space is limited. Surestairs hire temporary staircases to UK house builders for safer access between levels on site.

The Surestairs kite winder is a temporary aluminium kite winder, adaptable with a range of flight variations to suit most access requirements. Comprising of two lightweight aluminium stair flights, the variable height kite winder stairs provides a flexible solution to the problem of access between levels when there is an issue with space. Each flight can be configured to safely fit the space and direction of travel. The kite winder stairs are secured to a timber platform to provide the requisite turn. Surestairs supply a variety of temporary staircase flights from the 3 step temporary staircase up to the 12 step temporary staircase. The kite winder can be a 3 and 9 step combination or a 4 and 8 step or another variation that suits the individual site.

Contact Surestairs for temporary kite winder staircase hire for safer access between levels, delivered to site.

Temporary Kite Winder Staircase Hire
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