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Temporary site stairway hire available only £65 per week.

The lightweight aluminium stairway weighs 24kg for rapid installation by a single operative. The aluminium temporary stairway can be installed quickly and safely in just a couple of minutes by one person. Comparable galvanised steel stairways weigh over 80kg, making them over 3 times heavier than an aluminium stairway. The lightweight aluminium stairway has a 250kg safe working load and can be used from the earliest stages of construction for floor heights between 2.65m and 3.05m. Easy to install and use, the aluminium site stairway can be repositioned quickly as works proceed on site.

Compliant with BSEN131, the temporary stairway has an anti-slip tread and has a double handrail for increased safety on site.

For aluminium temporary site stairway hire contact us for a quote and delivery options.

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