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Temporary Staircase and Edge Protection Hire

Temporary staircase and edge protection hire from Surestairs provides safe, quick access on site.

Surestairs hire aluminium temporary staircases to UK house builders. The lightweight temporary staircases provide site operatives with safer access between levels compared to traditional site ladders. The lightweight aluminium stairs can be used from the earliest stages of construction. Lightweight and easy to fix in position, the 24kgs temporary staircase can be installed by a single operative in just a couple of minutes. Staircases are supplied with double guard rails which simply slot into the outside of the staircase. The edge protection system can be hired with the temporary staircase, guarding the stairwell opening and preventing falls from height.

Temporary staircases can be delivered with next day delivery to site and collected from site. Convenient and easy to use and move from plot to plot as work on site progresses.

Contact Surestairs for temporary staircase and edge protection hire for safer working on site.

Temporary Staircase And Edge Protection Hire
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