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UK Construction Timber Shortages

The Timber Trade Federation recently reported on the UK and worldwide timber shortage. UK construction timber shortages are expected to continue for sometime.

House builders have been experiencing supply chain issues with many materials and especially timber staircases in short supply. Supply chain issues and delays in timber staircase deliveries need not stop work on site. The Temporary Staircase Company hire aluminium temporary staircases which can be used from the earliest stages of construction for safe access between levels and can be installed to prevent damage occurring to the permanent staircase. A temporary aluminium staircase is a safe and reliable access solution whilst waiting for timber staircase deliveries.

The Temporary Staircase Company deliver temporary staircase across the UK. We can deliver to sites and our convenient collection pick up will collect the temporary staircase from site.

The UK construction timber shortages are impacting on the construction industry, keep delays to a minimum and hire a temporary staircase. Contact us today to hire a temporary aluminium site staircase.



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